Broken Morning News

Local Relief Action: volunteers collect morning shards

London, 06.12.2008 by A.W.

The race is on to complete the biggest jigsaw puzzle ever; a billion-piece monster!

Crowds of volunteers have signed up to clear the shards of the broken morning and put it back together again.

‘It’s like a gigantic Humpty Dumpty …’ said 9-year-old Blake from Harlesden.

‘… fallen not from a wall,’ added Blake’s Dad, ‘but from the immensity of the sky.’

The volunteers have been working in near darkness, but when Rachel La Lunette’s brightly burning star plummeted to the ground, they suddenly saw the results of their efforts. 

‘We were shocked,’ said Blake’s Mum. ‘We thought we’d done a pretty good job putting the broken morning together again …’

‘… but actually, we’d made a bit of a mess,’ said Blake.

Only Gertrude Him, the quite well-known street artist, has created anything vaguely light-filled and reminiscent of the morning. An image on the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral of a woman falling brightly from a salacious looking tree, her hair aflame, and a large caption beneath her saying simply: ‘We will all have our moment in the starlight.’