Thank you! Acknowledgments to:

Fiona Schurzing, Phillip Kaltenmark, Matthias Krouzek and Jonas Arnold, for their open and motivated modelling approach towards something entirely new.

Wolf-Peter Steinheisser, for his stunning photography, the postproduction, all his ideas and creative input.
Wolf-Peter Steinheißer – wpsteinheisser photography –
Katharina Meier – Assistenz London – wpsteinheisser photography
Pascale Schemel – Assistenz London – wpsteinheisser photography

Rahel Taeubert, for the amazing Make-Up looks she created.
Rahel Täubert –

Andrew Weale, for his amazing novel.

Simone Rees, for her know-how, passionate assistance and empowering feedback.
Simone Rees – in medias rees –

Prof. Dr. Volker Jansen, for his trust, guidance and mentoring.

Sebastian Paul (B. Sc.), for the helping hands before, during and after the production.

Matthias Galus, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), for helping with the implementation and hosting of the website.

All pictures were taken with Zeiss Milvus Optiken:

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